Train timetable for Kenilworth Station released

Kenilworth Station will open on Sunday December 10
Kenilworth Station will open on Sunday December 10

The timetable for trains at Kenilworth Station has been released ahead of its planned opening in December.

Trains will arrive at the station roughly every half an hour, with their destinations alternating between Coventry and Leamington.

The first train to depart from the station on its opening date of Sunday December 10 will head to Coventry at 10.08am, and will be followed by a train to Leamington leaving at 10.44am.

This continues until the final train to Coventry leaves at 10.26pm and the final train to Leamington heads off at 11.05pm.

On weekdays, the first train to Coventry leaves at 6.16am, and the first to Leamington at 6.46am. The last train to Coventry leaves at 10.25pm, and the last to Leamington at 10.53pm.

And on Saturdays, the timetable is similar to weekdays except the last train to Coventry is at 9.08pm, and the last train to Leamington is at 9.43pm.

The trains and station will be run by West Midlands Trains after the group took over the West Midlands rail franchise from London Midland.

A spokesman for West Midlands Trains said the former operators of the franchise London Midland were responsible for the timetable, and the company would ‘fulfil its service level commitment to the Department for Transport’, which means it will commit to running an hourly service between Coventry and Leamington.

West Midlands Trains also claimed its first chance to influence the timetable would not be until 2019.

London Midland has been approached for comment.

You can view the full timetable here