Warwick Hospital to stop providing formula to newborn babies unless 'clinically indicated'

The trust that operates Warwick Hospital will stop providing formula to newborn babies unless 'clinically indicated'.

Thursday, 6th February 2020, 5:33 am

The South Warwickshire NHS Trust has said that it is bringing in changes when it comes to providing newborns formula.

As of April 1 formula will no longer be provided on either the Swan Ward or at the Bluebell Birthing Centre, instead parents will have to bring in pre-prepared bottles.

An information poster has been placed on the Trust's website stating the changes are 'in line with other Trusts'.

Warwick Hospital GV

The poster also says that 'there are no refrigerated storage facilities for formula milk within the maternity unit, so the smaller, single use bottles and teats (teats usually come in the boxes) need to be used.'

It also says that 'if it is clinically indicated for your baby to have some formula milk, this will be provided for you.'

A spokesperson for South Warwickshire NHS Foundation Trust said: “As a Trust we endeavour to provide all of our new mums with personalised care to support them, both in our hospital and when they go home, with the infant feeding choice they have made.

"From Wednesday 1 April 2020, those mums to be who wish to formula feed will need to include a formula feed starter pack in their pre-packed hospital bag.

"This is in keeping with practice at other regional maternity units.

"We would like to emphasise that while under our care we are committed to providing families with all the necessary feeding help and guidance and the Trust’s maternity team are dedicated to assisting new mothers with their chosen feeding choice.”