Staff and residents at Leamington care centre reflect on life under lockdown in series of video interviews as restrictions start to be lifted

Some of the residents have been living under total lockdown restrictions for more than a year but have an optimistic outlook for the future

Monday, 19th July 2021, 1:26 pm
Updated Monday, 19th July 2021, 2:18 pm

Staff and residents at a Leamington care centre for those with neurological conditions and brain injuries have reflected on the valuable lessons they have learned throughout the Covid-19 in series of video interviews.

The residents have been in a state of lockdown for over a year with limited access to the outside world, family and friends.

As restrictions eased in line with government guidelines staff and residents spoke about their experience during the pandemic and their hopes for the future.

Castel Froma resident Nigel reflects on being under lockdown while being cared for at the centre.

Many have emerged from lockdown with a new appreciation of their key priorities, relishing the prospect of more freedom or already enjoying spending time with family and having a beer in the garden.

Resident Nigel said: "I was clinically extremely vulnerable so I have been under complete lockdown for 16 months or so now.

"Since then the rules have been relaxed a little bit and I can actually go outside which has helped me.

"We have all learned lessons, the Government, the care homes, individuals, all of us.

Castel Froma CEO Marie Bawden reflects on more than a year of lockdown measures at the centre as restrictions start to be lifted.

"We have missed a lot of things and we will appreciate them more as we come out the other end."

CEO Marie Bawden said in her interview: "The last year has been very challenging with difficult circumstances at times.

"In Spring 2020 in particular things got very scary.

"We locked down very early on March 6 2020 and that was a very good decision in light of what has happened.

"We are all enjoying more freedom, the residents have been delighted to welcome their families back but they would like even greater freedom.

"One of the big boosts for residents is that they are now free to leave the care centre and don't have to isolate upon their return.

"I welcome the government announcement on compulsory vaccinations, it provides certainty and I personally believe all those working in healthcare have a responsibility to be vaccinated as they are caring for very vulnerable people.

"It's important that we have as many people vaccinated in the population as we can and infection control measures such as wearing masks, sanitising hands and social distancing will probably have to continue for many months into the future."

The videos can be viewed on the Castel Froma Facebook page