Leamington man looking to clean up with world's first carbon fibre vacuum

An industrial designer from Leamington who has spent more than 20 years in the floorcare industry has launched his own company and designed a new vacuum which promises to disrupt the UK cleaning sector.

Thursday, 23rd January 2020, 3:48 pm
Updated Thursday, 23rd January 2020, 4:23 pm
Paul Bagwell from Leamington Spa pictured with Capsule, his just-launched carbon fibre cordless vacuum

Paul Bagwell has designed a cordless vacuum which uses carbon fibre to create the only lightweight cordless with the same capacity and power as a traditional full-size upright appliance.

His creation, ‘Capsule’, from new appliance brand Halo, makes use of a 1mm carbon fibre body – it is the first time the material has ever been used in a domestic appliance.

The lightweight design means Capsule’s performance matches a traditional full-size upright cleaner, yet half the weight – a fact that has been independently verified.

Paul Bagwell from Leamington Spa pictured with Capsule, his just-launched carbon fibre cordless vacuum

Mr Bagwell said: “For the last 20 years I’ve been working in the industry, refining and improving cleaning appliances and I’ve taken all that know-how and experience and re-thought cordless cleaning.

“Life is changing and we are moving towards a wire-less and cord-free world and, with advances in technology and materials, we are able to build far more sophisticated appliances.

“Until now these had always been compromised but with Capsule for the first time we can offer a true cordless replacement for you old corded Vac with no sacrifice of performance or capacity.

“The future of domestic cleaning is in cordless appliances and a report this month showed the household vacuum cleaner market to be worth $16 billion globally, which is expected to grow by 7% in the next three years.

“However, the cordless market is experiencing even faster growth and has been expanding in double digit percentages.

“With Capsule, for the first time, we have not just the convenience of cordless but the confidence that there’s no compromise to cleaning performance.

“As a nation we spend on average 200 hours a year doing household chores, so now for the first time, having a vacuum that’s far lighter than we’ve been used to, yet has industry-leading capacity and performance, is good news for British households.”

Capsule, the lightweight carbon fibre vacuum cleaner from Halo, is priced from £249.99, and is available to buy direct via www.capsuleclean.com