Objections piling up to plans for 147 homes in Hampton Magna

The site in Hampton Magna where the 147 homes could be built. Photo by Martin Taylor.
The site in Hampton Magna where the 147 homes could be built. Photo by Martin Taylor.

Objections are mounting up against plans for up to 147 homes in Hampton Magna.

The application, which was submitted by Richborough Estates Limited, would see the homes built on land south of Lloyd Close.

The site was part of the Green Belt but was removed and allocated for homes in the Warwick District Local Plan, which was adopted in September 2017.

According to the planning statement, the Local Plan estimates the allocation for the site is around 115 houses but that the site does have the capacity to accommodate up to 147 homes.

So far there are more than 40 objections to the plans on Warwick District Council’s planning portal.

Residents submitted objections because of concerns about infrastructure, an increase in traffic, site access and adding to the current issues with poor drainage in the village.

Martin Taylor, a resident in Hampton Magna, said: “The parish council held a meeting on Monday night with about 100 residents opposed to the development. The main consensus is that Hampton Magna is not a sustainable location for development.

“It has three routes into the village, which are all restricted to one lane with two also having weight restrictions. The site is one of the only locations in the Local Plan where all traffic will have to navigate existing residential roads to access the development.

“It is understood Warwickshire County Council will insist on a second entrance to the site.

“There are also concerns over highway safety around the school, shop and GP surgery, the privacy of new and existing households, the water supply (which is being repaired on a monthly basis with new leaks) and public transport issues.

“These problems are likely to be exacerbated with the 150 new homes proposed at Hatton Park and a further site yet to be developed within Hampton Magna.”

Roger Mills, another resident, said: “I have a manhole at the bottom of my garden at the corner of Daly Avenue where three foul sewers meet before discharging into the pipe which runs across another 
development site in Hampton Magna. One pipe is the sewer which runs across the current development site and carries sewage from Hampton-on-the-Hill and from the south-west end of Hampton Magna.

“There have been several occasions where my manhole has surcharged due to a downstream blockage, leaving my garden knee deep in raw sewage.

“The plan appears to be to divert the sewer running across the development to miss the new houses, but to connect them all into it, and to discharge this into the manhole. This means that my manhole - which is already prone to flooding - will be taking the output from an another 147 houses.”

To comment on the plans go to Warwick District Council’s planning portal and search for W/17/2387.

According to the planning portal the deadline for comments is Friday February 16.