New water pipes to be installed in Warwick

Roadworks sign
Roadworks sign

Work to install new water pipes in Warwick will begin next week.

The four-month project by Severn Trent will begin on Monday July 29 and will see roads next to Warwick Hospital fitted with new water pipes, replacing aging ones that are more prone to bursts and leaks.

The scheme has been designed to ensure access to Warwick Hospital is maintained at all times, which will see temporary road closures, traffic lights, road signs and barriers put in place on roads affected by the work, to keep our teams, pedestrians and road users safe.

Roisin McBain from Severn Trent, said: “As water pipes get old, they can become weaker and crack, making them prone to leaks and bursts. We want to make sure our customers’ water supply in the area is always there when they need it, which is why we’re laying new water pipes in Warwick.

“Although we’ll be working on roads close to Warwick Hospital, a lot of planning has gone into making sure access will be maintained the entire time. However, we appreciate this will still inconvenience people in the area. We’re doing all we can to help minimise disruption and keep everyone affected up-to-date with progress.

“Once all of the work is complete, the area will have a modern water network that will provide wonderful water for many years to come.”

Here is the timetable of where and when the works will be taking place:

Piers Close: work starts July 29 and will last for one week.

Cross Fields Road: work starts August 5 and will last for one week

Mulberry Drive: work starts August 5 and will last for one week

Cornwall Close: work starts August 12 and will last for two weeks

Arundel Close: work starts August 27 and will last for one week

Pembrooke Close: work starts on September 2 and will last for one week

Millers Road: work starts September 10 and will last for four weeks. There will be a road closure in place for this work.

Guys Cross Park Road: work starts October 7 and will last for six weeks. There will be a one-way road closure

Millers Road: Work starts November 27 and will last for two days and there will be traffic lights in place during the work.

The proposed work schedule could be subject to change.