New Warwick mayor takes the chains

Warwick's new mayor for the next civic year has now officially been selected.

Friday, 1st June 2018, 9:24 am
Updated Tuesday, 26th June 2018, 2:36 pm
Mayor Richard Eddy with Mark Robertson, Mayors Consort (middle left) with family. By David Clarke Photography
Mayor Richard Eddy with Mark Robertson, Mayors Consort (middle left) with family. By David Clarke Photography

On Thursday, May 24, Cllr Richard Eddy, was inaugurated at Warwick’s Annual Council Meeting, held in St Mary’s Church.

After serving as Deputy Mayor for the past 12 months, Richard succeeds outgoing Mayor, Cllr Stephen Cross, who has become Chair of Warwick District Council.

Cllr Eddy, Mayor of Warwick, said: “I am incredibly proud and feel very honoured to be made Mayor and become 285th person to hold the office.”

During the meeting and Mayor-Making ceremony, Cllr Eddy appointed Mark Robertson as Mayor’s Consort, named the Rev Dr Vaughan Roberts as the Mayor’s Chaplain, and introduced Lance Corporal Lucy Eadon as the Mayor’s Cadet.

Cllr Neil Murphy, was elected as the Deputy Mayor.

As Mayor, Cllr Eddy also becomes Lord of the Leet for Warwick Court Leet and will be supporting multiple charities and projects around a theme of restoration – both of people and places. He named Warwick-based charity Safeline, which aims to protect and support people to become survivors of sexual abuse, as his headline charity.

He said: “Safeline offers counselling, therapy, survivor groups, and supports those either thinking about reporting, or those in the process of reporting, a sexual crime. It is at the forefront of providing a helpline that specialises in supporting men who have been sexually abused. It is also at the forefront of availability – in person, on calls, online and by text.

“Sadly, the demand for its services has increased by over 200 per cent in the last two years and it has something it doesn’t like – a waiting list. With additional funds, Safeline will be able to put additional local volunteers through training to become counsellors.

“Around half of the current counsellors are local people who have been trained-up – please let them know if you are interested.”

He will be also supporting St Mary’s restoration work, the Warwick Poppies project, the restoration fundraisers for Lord Leycester Hospital and Evelyn’s Gift, with a special focus on the charity’s Be Happy Day on December 1.

Stephen Cross, the outgoing Mayor, said: “I have had a very memorable year and participated in big Warwick events including the Folk Festival, Victorian Evening, Kineton Station Freedom Parade and Remembrance Sunday.

“But the most rewarding experience has been meeting so many people who provide the thread that weaves the community together. My Mayoral Charity fundraising has been to support ‘Warwick Youth Organisations’ and I have attended a number of their events. Well done to everyone who helps in someway, to make Warwick continue to be such a great place to live.”

As Mayor, Cllr Eddy will attend events, meet with individuals, organisations and communities to recognise their contribution to the town, and to uphold civic pride in Warwick.

The Mayor’s diary is co-ordinated by Sarah Acklam at Warwick Town Council. To invite the mayor to events email: [email protected]