Lost Warwick Mop fair watch reunited with owner

A watch that was lost at the Warwick Mop fair last month has been returned to it's owner.

Tuesday, 15th November 2016, 3:42 pm
Updated Wednesday, 16th November 2016, 5:13 pm
The front of the watch that was lost in Warwick last month.
The front of the watch that was lost in Warwick last month.

Last week Paul Tandy, one of the many who is involved with the Warwick Mop fair, launched an appeal to try and track down the owner of a watch that was found after the Mop rides were packed away.

The watch was found by one of the showmen when they were packing up their ride on October 21.

Mr Tandy said: “The watch was returned to it’s owner this morning. A gentleman in his 80’s from Shrewley, who had been riding the dodgems and helter skelter had lost the watch.

“He told me it was a gift from a society he had been involved with for many years and that it did have sentimental value. He said his wife saw the picture in the Warwick Courier newspaper and they knew straight away it was his, they even brought the case it was presented in with them when they collected it!

“He also said he was grateful for the showmen’s honesty and the trouble everyone had gone to in getting the watch back to him.

“I am really pleased the watch is back with it’s owner, part of what makes the Mop Fair special for me is that the older generation still support the event and enjoy the rides as much as the youngsters.”