Group celebrates raising thousands of pounds for Warwickshire Young Carers

The Midcounties Co-operative team in Leamington and Warwick celebrated raising £17,000 for Warwickshire Young Carers by hosting a superhero-themed event at its head office.

Young people aged 10-15 supported by the charity were invited to an afternoon tea, where they also took part in activities including superhero mask making and cake decorating.

Some of the Warwickshire Young Carers at the superhero themed event. Photo supplied.

Some of the Warwickshire Young Carers at the superhero themed event. Photo supplied.

The money raised so far by Midcounties has allowed Warwickshire Young Carers to support more young people with caring responsibilities in the area and provide more extensive support services, as well as expanding its network of volunteers.

The Midcounties Co-operative raised the funds over the last two years as part of its charity partnership scheme. It reached this milestone through various fundraising initiatives including a summer fair and a Halloween event. The team will continue to work closely with the Young Carers and hopes to donate more funds in 2019.

Deb Bignell, Chief Executive at Warwickshire Young Carers, said: “Being a young carer can be incredibly isolating, and one of our main aims at Warwickshire Young Carers is to give young people a chance to relax and make friends with others in a similar situation.

“The support from The Midcounties Co-operative has been important for us. The fundraising support has enabled us to expand our team of volunteers and help more young people in the area. Events like this superhero afternoon are a great opportunity to get everyone together and have some much-needed fun.”

Gemma Allardyce, Leadership Team Ambassador at The Midcounties Co-operative, said: “Warwickshire Young Carers makes a real difference to the lives of hundreds of young carers living across Warwickshire. We decided to host the superhero celebration for Young Carers Awareness Day to highlight how young carers are real life superheroes taking on enormous responsibility at a very young age.”

Warwickshire Young Carers provides free and confidential support to young carers from the age of six upwards. More information can be found by clicking here