Youth Strike for Climate protest in Leamington

Young people from secondary and primary school in Leamington have 'gone on strike' on the last day of term today (July 19) to take part in a protest against climate change.

Friday, 19th July 2019, 1:49 pm
The protesters gather outside the town hall in Leamington

The protest, which was part of the Youth Strike for Climate movement,is taking place outside Leamington town hall and in the Parade .

George Towl, aged 14, said: "We're striking to raise awareness about the climate emergency.

"We need some of level of panic because in 10 years time it will be irreversible."

"This is the fourth one I've been on. I just think it's such an important issue and our voices need to be heard. We do have a voice and we want it to be heard.

"Action needs to be taken.

"People in their daily lives need to take action like reducing the use of single-use plastic and like not using their car so much for transport."

The Youth Strike movement started in 2018 when Swedish teenager Greta Thunberg protested alone outside her country's Parliament.

The protesters gather outside the town hall in Leamington

Since then, thousands of young people have taken part with 70,000 or them joining the largest protest in Brussels in January.

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