Company that provides market stalls across Warwick District signs fur free pledge

A company that delivers regular markets across the Warwick district has signed up to a fur free pledge.

Wednesday, 13th June 2018, 10:53 am
Updated Tuesday, 19th June 2018, 4:42 pm
Warwick Market. Photo provided by CJ's Events Warwickshire.
Warwick Market. Photo provided by CJ's Events Warwickshire.

CJ’s Events Warwickshire has signed up to Respect for Animals’ Fur Free Market scheme to ban the sale of real fur at all of its future markets and events.

The company works in partnership with Warwick District Council to deliver their weekly retail and monthly farmers markets across the district.

This move will reassure consumers who visit their markets that any items on sale should not be made from real fur.

Jamie Walker, from CJ’s Events Warwickshire, said: “CJ’s Events Warwickshire is currently reviewing its policies.

“We’re pleased to have been approached by Respect For Animals to join the Fur Free Markets Scheme.

“Here at CJ’s Events Warwickshire we realise real fur is cruel and unnecessary.

“Although we encourage small independent businesses to sell exclusive products, we do not feel fur has a place at our markets or events and will work closely with traders to ensure no fur products are sold.”

According to Respect for Animals, the selling of real fur at markets, especially at Christmas markets, has become a major problem in recent years. They say that many customers have no idea that they are buying real fur.

Respect for Animals has documented numerous cases where, for instance, hats with real fur bobbles and fake fur bobbles are being sold at the same market, unlabelled, for the same price.

Last winter, Respect for Animals received numerous complaints from members of the public about the selling of real fur at their local winter markets.

To counter this, the Fur Free Markets scheme has been developed.

All councils in the country have been contacted about their fur policy and given a star rating on an online database.

Councils and private market operators who join the Fur Free Markets programme receive a five Star Rating.

Markets that are officially designated Fur Free Markets have the gold standard of assurance for consumers concerned about accidentally buying real fur.

The scheme is free to market operators and offers exclusive use of branding and assistance with testing of suspected fur items.

Mark Glover, campaign director at Respect for Animals, said: “We have become increasingly alarmed about real fur items being sold at markets around the country. Much of this fur is not labelled as real fur and many consumers are horrified that they risk buying items in the belief they are buying fake fur.

“It’s not good enough to just expect consumers to be vigilant on their own, so we are working with highly professional market operators, such as CJ’s Events Warwickshire, to reassure shoppers and stop the barbaric fur industry from creeping into fashion.

“Our campaign for ‘Fur Free Markets’ is creating a lot of interest amongst market operators and we expect more high-profile participants in time for this year’s Christmas market season.

“We are confident it will help end this part of the cruel and unnecessary fur trade.”