Review: Who’s afraid of the Big Bad Wolf? Not Cubbington Players

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Little Red Riding Hood, Cubbington Players to Jan 24

Cubbington Players are definitely not afraid of this big, bad wolf or evil, Vermillion the Vile, for that matter.

Little Red Riding Hood contains everything a traditional pantomime should; a dame, villains, hero, heroine, magic, puns and all round silliness.

The actors pull it off with great enthusiasm which sustains the high pace performance filled with gags.

Vermillion the Vile, lives up to her nature, with shrill cackle and dominance which generates opportunity for the obligatory boos and hisses.

However, to her dismay the dominance did not extend over Wolfie Sly-Boots, who brilliantly portrayed a devious baddy with gruff voice and slow controlled movement.

The plot adds a magical element onto the classic Red Riding Hood, and the cast of 18 performers pulls off an enjoyable experience for the audience.

Songs were cleverly adapted to fit the plot and there is also a fun number for everyone to get involved with.

Dame Beatrice Daye’s dance moves are ones to watch, and the Three Little Pigs were a highlight, bringing laughter for all ages.

Overall, the performance was a delight to watch.

Rating 8/10

By Nicole Malatesta