Review: Captivating watch with the General Election looming

Yex Prime Minister at the Priory Theatre
Yex Prime Minister at the Priory Theatre

Yes, Prime Minister, Priory Theatre, Kenilworth, until February 21.

How much could possibly go wrong for the Prime Minister over one night at Chequers? A satirical comedy, that makes a mockery of the British democracy through the farcical plot, but with the upmost humour.

The cast at Priory Theatre portrayed a great insight behind the scenes of parliament, with each character bringing in bundles of wit and 

The Prime Minister’s (Alan Wales) hopelessness was a source of laughter, through the irony in his lack of knowledge on current affairs and his strive to stay in power - primarily for the good of the people, of course!

However, his somewhat deceitful advisor, Sir Humphrey Appleby (Ian Donnelly), was the true brains behind the government emphasised the idiocy of the Prime Minister. A welcomed challenge by the audience is to keep up and to understand his long spiels!

A highlight is when Prime Minister, Bernard Woolley (Dan Cowan) and Claire Sutton (Lynda Lewis) all bowed to their knees and prayed to God in desperation - if Claire Sutton can keep her hand off her drink for long enough!

The play was situated within the Prime Minister’s study, which could have made the scene static, but the clever set was in fact a delight to look at. The actors were constant with their use of space, which the director (Anita Dalton) must be admired for.

Whether you are interested in politics or not, this play forms a captivating, fabulously British watch and is very much suitable with the upcoming 2015 elections.

I wonder if global warming is high on the agenda…

Rating 8/10

By Nicole Malatesta