Love and loss for family Kipling

My Boy Jack at the Talisman Theatre. Picture by Peter Weston.
My Boy Jack at the Talisman Theatre. Picture by Peter Weston.

Patriotism, family and great loss will all play out on stage at the Talisman Theatre as My Boy Jack come to Kenilworth.

The theatre hopes to continue its sell-out season with an insight into love and loss within the family of Rudyard Kipling - one of Britain’s most famous writers, an immense patriot and dedicated imperialist.

David Haig’s acclaimed play will bring out family life and the struggles of the writer in a new way amid events to mark 100 years since the outbreak of the First World War.

The story looks back to 1914 when Kipling, who knows that a war with Germany to “settle the future of civilisation” must happen, wants his son, Jack, to enlist.

The play chronicles the effects of that decision to shoehorn Jack into the forces at all costs on the family.

The piece explores the humanity of Kipling as a patriot and as a family man at a time of national need.

The Talisman Theatre will stage the play as part of ongoing commemoration events to mark the 100th anniversary of the outbreak of the First World War.

Director Christine Carpenter has described the show as a compelling and entertaining piece of theatre.

Kipling is played by Dave Crossfield with Julie Godfrey playing his wife, Carrie, George Heynes as Jack and Isabella Nash as daughter, Elsie.

Playing members of Jack’s regiment, the Irish Guards, are Will Thomas, Martin Donaldson and newcomer Henri West, alongside John Francis and Simon Richards.

Director of publicity John Francis said: “Anyone who enjoyed our sell-out productions of Black Coffee and The Addams Family could well be tempted to experience this beautifully written piece within our intimate auditorium.”

The play runs from November 10 to November 15 at 7.30pm each night. Tickets from £7. Phone 856548 or