Joe’s out to show he’s the comic wizard of Oz

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Australian comedian, Joe Avati returns to England to present his Back to Basics tour.

And will be hoping to raise a few laughs in Warwick with his quirky look at life growing up as an Italian ‘Down Under’.

Joe said: “When I joke about having to take a day off school to make the tomato sauce and getting my Mom to write me a sick note to explain where I was, we can laugh about growing up Italian in an English-speaking country.”

Avati is teaming up with friend and emerging Canadian comic Guido Grasso, who has been supporting the tour.

Grasso will also joke about growing up as a Latin in an Anglophone country.

Promoters said Avati has become one of Australia’s top comedy exports and has a big following in Great Britain, Canada and the US.

Catch the show at 8pm, on September 20, at the Bridge House Theatre. Tickets £21.50.