Rob will share his theory of evolution in show at Spa Centre

Rob Newman
Rob Newman

Comedian and activist Rob Newman will bring his New Theory of Evolution tour to the Spa Centre Studio in Leamington on Friday September 26.

Rob describes the 150-year controversy in evolutionary theory and explores how the latest science demonstrates that DNA is not destiny.

From a Devil’s Orchard made by lemon ants, to female buffalo voting which way to go, from Prince Kropotkin escaping a Tsarist dungeon to altruistic vampire bats and Richard Dawkins’ postman wrestling naked, he argues that cooperation drives evolution more than competition.

Rob said:“Natural history is so full of freaky facts that when you tackle the complexity, you find that there is a wealth of detail, oodles of oddity which lend themselves to comedy.”

In the past 20 years Rob has performed five solo stand-up shows including From Caliban to The Taliban (500 years of Humanitarian Intervention) in and Apocalypso Now which was recorded and aired by More4 under the title A History of Oil.

He has also written regularly for The Guardian and Vice magazine, and produced four novels, his most recent being The Trade Secret which is due to be released in April 2013.

His TV and radio credits include Robert Newman’s History of Oil, History of the World Backwards, Newman & Baddiel In Pieces and The Mary Whitehouse Experience.

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