Review: Homecoming show stormer for Nizlopi

Nizlopi, with John Parker, left, and Luke Concannon
Nizlopi, with John Parker, left, and Luke Concannon


The Assembly, Nov 19

Nizlopi played a fantastic homecoming show at the Leamington Assembly.

Originally from Leamington and former students of Trinity school, the show was part of the band’s first tour since 2008.

They were supported by the beautiful harmonies of brother and sister Luke and Charlotte Ritchie, Dom Morgan and joined on stage for several songs by Birmingham rapper Jimmy Davis.

Having first heard them play in 2003, I was expecting an amazing live show and I was not disappointed.

The duo made a spectacular barefooted entrance, playing their first songs acoustically in the audience as we stood spell-bound around them.

Luke Concannon, on acoustic guitar, captured the audience with passion and powerful vocals while John Parker, on double bass, acted as bassist and percussionist, turning on the spot to face us.

It was a great start to a very personal show as the band had many friends and family members in the audience.

Once on stage the band continued to show off their talent. John’s incredible human beatbox, while plucking and bowing the double bass, created an amazing depth of sound and energy while Luke played, sang and rapped.

Although I was not familiar with many of the songs they were all very catchy and soon had everyone singing along.

Nizlopi really know how to put on a great live show and the visually stunning venue was a perfect setting for them to showcase their talent.

Rating 10/10

By Caroline Graham