REVIEW: Emotional and captivating home-town show by Lucy Rose

Lucy Rose performs in Leamington music shop Head
Lucy Rose performs in Leamington music shop Head

Sam Jackson reviews Lucy Rose at Head in the Royal Priors, Leamington

Leamington’s Lucy Rose treated her fans to a gorgeous and intimate performance this weekend in her hometown.

Playing for free to an audience who squeezed into the relatively small confines of Head Records in the Royal Priors on Saturday July 8, Rose did not disappoint.

Her half-hour set of songs from her new album ‘Something’s Changing’ was utterly captivating – her soft and very natural voice never faltered during extended high notes, and her guitar, whether acoustic or electric, complemented her singing wonderfully.

Rose was ably backed up by her band, hidden behind her in the shop’s vinyl section, with the violin used on certain tracks providing a pleasing counterpoint.

The view of Rose and her band was certainly not perfect for many, but considering the gig was free and in a small record shop this was not a major issue.

Rose also explained how many of her songs meant a great deal to her, especially the final track, which was inspired by a down-on-his-luck fan who she met while travelling around Latin America meeting fans and playing gigs.

This emotional quality to her songs really came through in her performance, a mark of an excellent singer-songwriter.

Rose’s performance may have been short, but it was very, very sweet.