Music that Nazis could not kill off

SheKoyokh Quintet. Picture by Pierre Marcar
SheKoyokh Quintet. Picture by Pierre Marcar

Holocaust Memorial Day – which this year falls on the 70th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz – will be marked in Warwick with 
Jewish heritage music.

Leamington Music is marking January 27 by inviting the group She’Koyokh to give a concert in its monthly series in St Mary’s church.

She’Koyokh is a Yiddish expression for “nice one” and the concert will include vocals, clarinet, violin, accordion, guitar and percussion.

The music will range from the Judeo-Spanish songs of 1400 to late nineteenth and early twentieth century music that the Jewish musicians, the klezmorin, were performing and which was in danger of disappearing with the Holocaust.

The music comes from various east European countries and Bulgaria, Serbia and Turkey play a central role, which is reflected in the international line-up of artists involved.

There is also folk music and manouche, which is gypsy swing, the style played by Django Reinhardt.

Festival Director Richard Phillips said: “Ten years ago we always used to put on a Holocaust Memorial Day event with film, drama and music and She’Koyokh gave a memorable evening concert at The Dream Factory. So it is good to have the group back, with a number of exciting changes in its line-up.”

Members of She’Koyokh will also take part in Leamington Music’s education programme workshops and school concerts will take place in Sydenham and Whitnash primary schools, Trinity Catholic School in Leamington, and Westgate and Woodloes primary schools in Warwick, as well as Warwick School, on January 26- 27.

Tickets for the St Mary’s concert, starting at 7.30pm, are on sale in the giftshop and the Leamington Town Hall box office.

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