A new space in Leamington for creative minds to share ideas

The Arch Creatives in Leamington's Old Town.
The Arch Creatives in Leamington's Old Town.

Creative minds can work together in a new shared space in Leamington’s Old Town, thanks to the efforts of a recently-formed not-for-profit group.

Following the demise of Blitz Games in Leamington last year, four former employees joined forces with the founder of Freestyle Games in Leamington to organise monthly social events for games developers in and around the town.

Among them is Steve Stopps, who worked as a project director for Blitz. He said: “One of the things people said they were looking for was a shared space in which to work. I’ve always thought the Court Street Arches looked like a great space, so we approached the district council about using one permanently.”

So the five games developers founded the Arch Creatives - at Arch 2 in Court Street - which is now open as a space where anyone who classes themselves as a ‘creative’ can use a desk and internet and meet like-minded people.

Steve said: “We have always believed that if you take a group of smart people and put them together in a room, great things happen and more and more ideas are generated. We get lots of individuals wanting to work on their own thing, but we are hoping that more collaborative projects can happen once people start to share ideas.”

Anyone interested in finding out more can visit the Arch Creatives any time from Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm, or search for ‘Arch Creatives’ on Facebook and Twitter.