PHOTO GALLERY: A look back through the darts archives

The latest delve into our drawers full of photos revealed one envelope just labelled 'Ladies'. Thankfully, despite a lack of captions, it is not too hard to work out the sport involved as most of the ladies have helpfully stood in front of dartboards. There are also some famous faces among the pics.

Thursday, 11th July 2019, 1:53 pm
King's Head 1993
King's Head 1993

Trina Gulliver, Bobby George and Steve Beaton are among the darts players making an appearance in our latest gallery of archive photos. Do you recognise any of the other players featured?

Nothing caption-wise on this one apart from it went on page six.
We're hoping this was fancy dress.
A theme emerging here. The ladies from the Durham Ox. Taken by Colin Underhill.
No caption on this but pretty sure it is Tina Metcalfe on the right who has gone on to taste success at dominoes in the area, too.
The caption on the back says it is Doris Amos, Prue Hassel, Pat Slater, Rhona Fenton, Nicky Loveridge, who was apparently expecting a baby on February 14 and Julie Gannoway standing and Ann Clucas, Joan Andrews and Jayne Blakemore seated. Taken on January 31 1989.
From 1989 but nothing else know about this one.
A complete blank on this one.
Bobby George left most of his bling at home for this pic. Maybe he auctioned it for the charity.
Trina Gulliver here but it's the curtains taking centre stage.
Steve Beaton surrounded by a posse of ladies. Just a normal day for the Bronzed Adonis. Taken in 1996.
The Rose & Crown spot something hilarious.
Jeanette Lewis here and a photographer going for the full-on creepy vibe. Possibly in 1986.
Crown here from 1984 and a beard you just can't take your eyes off.
Talbot, year unknown.
Railway show off their trophies in 1985.
Foresters from 1984.