Evetts hits 
the Jackpot early on in his PDC career

Ted Evetts
Ted Evetts

Stockton teenager Ted Evetts’ first taste of the PDC Tour brought him face to face with two-time world champion Adrian Lewis.

Evetts, who won his first Tour card in January, got through the first two rounds of the Coral UK Open Qualifier One in Wigan on Friday to meet the world number three.

The clash ended with a 6-1 win for Lewis who went on to beat Phil Taylor in the final.

However, the 18-year-old drew praise from Lewis on Twitter, with Jackpot predicting he would be a “future star”.

Evetts exited in the first and second rounds, respectively, of the following two qualifiers, while Lillington’s Nigel Heydon bowed out in the second round on both day two and day three.