Your views wanted on cycling in Abbey Fields of Kenilworth


People are being encouraged to make their voices heard on the issue of cycling in the Abbey Fields park during an ongoing consultation by Warwick District Council.

Cycling is currently prohibited at Abbey Fields under the local by-laws.

According to the district council, the by-law states “a person shall not except in the exercise of any lawful right or privilege ride any bicycle, tricycle or other similar machine in any part of the pleasure ground.”

As part of a current consultation the council is reviewing the cycling policy within Abbey Fields and is seeking feedback and opinions from the public on the policy.

A district council spokesperson said: “Cycling is an activity that reduces carbon emissions, increases fitness, and encourages more people to use the Fields. However, cycling has to be balanced with the needs of other visitors to the Fields, and with sensitive wildlife habitats.”

The Abbey Fields consultation runs until Monday December 9, which includes two remaining public drop-in sessions. The next drop-in session will be tomorrow (Thursday November 28) from 10.30am to 1.30 pm at The Kenilworth Centre. The last drop-in session will be on Saturday November 30 from 11am to 4pm at the Holiday Inn in Abbey End of Kenilworth.

People can also fill out an online survey until December 9 by visiting the For Our Future website

Supporters for the recently launched Kenilworth Cycle Bus group have asked the leader of the Warwick District Council for an exemption from the existing by-law for every Friday during term time.

Adam Tranter, who founded the cycle bus with his wife, Aurélie, said: “It's especially important that members of the community who think they'd like to cycle in a safe and protected environment make sure their voice is heard and fill out the For Our Future survey relating to Abbey Fields."

The cycle bus initiative was launched in Kenilworth last month, and happens each Friday when lead cyclists pick up children along the way and the group cycles to school together.

The Kenilworth-based parents started by cycling their 5-year-old twin boys to St Augustine’s School using an electric cargo bike. Soon other parents asked them how they could get involved in cycling to school.

Adam added: “We've had incredible support from local town councillors too, especially Andrew Milton and Rob Barry from the Kenilworth Cycling Strategy Group.

"Cllr Milton has written to the leader of Warwick District Council to ask for an exemption for us from the existing by-law every Friday during term time, and we've had good initial feedback from WDC representatives on this. We really hope common sense prevails."