You are custodians of our common

Taking my customary walk over Warwick Common on Christmas Day, I was again amazed at the vast area of land occupied by the golf club. With the clubhouse, putting green, driving range, approach road and the nine hole course I reckon they occupy around at least 20 per cent of St Mary’s Lands and it is all common land owned by the Warwick people.

The golf centre started off as only a driving range on the proviso that there would be no further expansion requests, and despite opposition they got approval. Just look at it now.

As for the caravan site, this arose out of the fire which destroyed the old Tote building and grandstand, which has been left to dereliction by the Jockey Club, who lease the area from WDC as part of the racecourse environs which it then was. They then had the gall to sub-let the area to the Caravan Club.

While the matter of sub-letting of council property by the lessee is not approved by WDC under normal circumstances, it appears that permission was granted in this case. Surely any rent money handed over by the Caravan Club should go to WDC and not the Jockey Club? It is on common land.

Finally, should there not be a large hoarding at the main common entrance at the bottom of Friars Street proclaiming the legend ‘Welcome to Warwick Common’? This should take precedence over the plethora of signs advertising everything but that.

District councillors should take heed. They are elected as custodians of our common, not as agents for developers, property magnates or venture capitalists.

Mick Cole, The Square, Kenilworth