We can learn from past campaign

Your recent coverage of calls for a public inquiry over the St Mary’s Lands controversy at a town council meeting , though rejected , clearly underlines the ongoing discontent in our town.

The proposed enlargement of the caravan park, golf facilities and an actual car park on Warwick Common are all Philistine, alien and unwanted developments that take precious unrestricted open space from generations of local people without a mandate .

I want to refer to something that happened in the early 70s. The proposal was for an inner relief road in Warwick. This was to include the service road that runs from the entrance opposite to Crompton Street through to the Birmingham Road end.

People from all political parties and none came together to stop it from happening . I remember a large meeting in the Market Place. It’s a matter of fact that councillors from different ends of the spectrum spoke with great vehemence against the road. We never got the unwanted road.

In the spirit of that particular chapter, the St Mary’s Lands debacle and the consternation we feel, should with collective determination,be a lesson learned.

In order to save our common, I will quote one wise councillor, no longer with us, Jim McGrouther. He was passionate about protecting the common and parkland. To get over any political aspect, he would say: “ Remember: we all sit on the grass”.

That put things in simple terms that are so true.

Les Kent, Ilex Court, Emscote Road, Warwick