Vote shows true feelings on HS2

Following last Thursday at last we have a decisive indication of what Kenilworth really thinks.

Over the previous two years Jeremy Wright, now our re-elected Member of Parliament was, at times relentlessly attacked and criticised over his approach with HS2 by some of those who oppose it. Not content with exercising their right to voice such opposition this minority of vociferous protestors extended their comments to suggest that elected representatives could lose their seats at the next election. This was just one of a long line of examples of alarmist and at times deceitful nonsense peddled by a small group who have done little, in real terms, to really help those most affected by HS2. Last week saw Jeremy Wright increase his majority by nearly 70 per cent from the previous general election in 2010.

I doubt there is anyone that does not support the need for the application of adequate compensation and restitution where practically possible for those really affected by HS2. Continued rantings and PR stunts against the scheme are too late, counter productive and for our local authorities that have used some of our council tax in misguided and subsequently fruitless legal actions expensive and unjustified.

Thursday’s General Election clearly demonstrated two things that the banners “Kenilworth Says NO to HS2” were grossly incorrect. First, if such a statement were true the UKIP or Green candidate (both representatives of parties who were against HS2) would have played off for the position of our MP).

Secondly, it demonstrates very clearly that there is tremendous support for a Member of Parliament who is able to keep a clear head when a minor but noisy number of constituents in his midst are losing theirs.

Now, with 20 failed legal actions and our local authorities having spend hundreds of thousands of council tax pounds on political opposition to the scheme, the public have shown HS2 is not an overriding issue to them that transcends everything else. Of course, its very important to those who are really affected by HS2 and I know that Jeremy Wright and other MPs have and will continue to work hard with those constituents so affected.

Protestors who wish to continue to rant on against the scheme have a right to do so but their assertions require robust challenging from a national media who have hitherto been too lax in taking things they say at face value and that includes claims as to how many people actually oppose HS2. It is also now clear that the General Election result does not provide councillors with the evidence I contend they need before spending any more of our council tax money on non-formal opposition to the high speed rail scheme through and alongside what is, and always has been, a single issue group.

Fraser Pithie, Windy Arbour, Kenilworth