Too many homes rented out

There were two interesting, and unknowingly interlinked, letters in last week’s Letter Pages.

The first was from Geraldine Cullinan, which was encouraging us to say “yes to new homes”. This concerned the plight of people trying to get onto the housing ladder, but being stuck in rented accommodation due to the lack of affordable housing.

The second letter was from J.A. Philcox, and concerned houses off Radford Road, no doubt owned by absent landlords, who allow the properties to deteriorate over time and thus causing the area to go down the pan. I have seen this happen time and again in different areas of the country. Areas once populated by families who owned their own properties and looked after them, replaced by absent buy-to-let investor landlords, and temporary tenants with no interest in the houses, the area, or the community.

Such a shame then, that so many properties that could have been sold to people who wanted to get on the property ladder and create their homes in said houses, are instead denied to those people by the very fact they are unavailable to buy.

Instead of tackling the number of empty and unoccupied homes, and those that are in the private rental sector, and trying to bring them to market for potential homehunters to actually buy and live in, we are constantly told that we need to build more houses. Perhaps we do, but when a significant number of the new houses end up privately rented out, then the whole vicious circle starts again, and there still aren’t enough houses.

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