Time to prosecute illegal parkers

How long is it going to be before the council or the police prosecute motorists who park across footpaths?

The purpose-laid footpath that runs alongside the cycle track between the Sun pub and Market Corner on Tachbrook Road out of Leamington is being used as a parking area for cars, vans and even lorries. This practice has been going on for several years and nothing has been done to prevent it. Those breaking the law should be prosecuted. Blind people, disabled people, etc, find these conditions terrifying. Even the roadsweeper sweeps around them.

The footpath was put in place for pedestrians, not for parking motor vehicles. Let’s see how long it tales before some action takes place.

While on the subject of footpaths and cyclepaths, when is the council going to sweep them clean? They are subject to rubbish from when the roadside hedges are cut and rubbish including broken glass from motor accidents and from general rubbish and litter dumped by the public.

They should be maintained so people can use them. Perhaps the workmen who pretend to be working but instead are sitting in their vehicle, read-ing the paper or using the phone (as we so often see) might take a bit of pride in their job.

S. Davies, Leamington