Temper ambition with some realism

Although I am one of a number of vice-presidents of Leamington FC, I also appreciate I am one of a small minority of supporters opposed to the proposed move of ground to Gallows Hill. While ambition in football at any level is desirable, it must always be tempered with a healthy dose of realism.

To want to move ever onwards and upwards, as Leamington FC have in fact done since their resurrection some 15 years ago, is something all fans want, as is the desire for a bigger and better stadium and the improvement in facilities required at a higher level. However, as witnessed by the team’s current relegation-threatened demise, such movement can also be in the other direction too.

Such a catastrophe could also be accompanied by the departure of the current manager, as well as some of Brakes’ best players, possibly resulting in a sharp reduction in gates and subsequently, of course, income. All I would therefore ask the directors and shareholders of the club who apparently favour this move is to wait and see what the situation is at the end of this season before committing the club to a potentially expensive and unnecessary uprooting to a part of another town!

All this is also not withstanding:

a) Whether Warwick District Council can be trusted to keep to its apparently generous terms for the suggested new ‘sports stadium’ (i.e. on the grounds that if something sounds too good to be true, it probably is) and a major house-builder doesn’t make the council an offer for the land that it can’t afford to refuse;

b) The outcome of Racing Warwick’s appeal to the FA against the move, on the grounds that it would result in two competing teams playing in Warwick, a problem which would be exacerbated if the Brakes are relegated.

John Payton, Woodloes Park, Warwick