Shining example of a caring person

A little over a year ago you kindly published my letter asking the council to help protect the Eagle Rec, and being highly critical of them.

Now, as secretary of the Friends of Eagle Rec and a resident of South Town, I want to say a great big thank you to Cllr Alan Wilkinson for his help on that issue.

He stood up for us when no-one else did. Even more, he is a wonderful District Councillor who works tirelessly for the people of Brunswick.

He works as a governor with Shrubland Street School, hearing kids read every single week; he persuaded the council to put up new goal posts on the Rec. Alan points with pride at the green spaces he has persuaded the council to maintain. He is a key player in getting the right sort of housing into the area. The list goes on and on, large and small. When a noisy manhole cover was driving the residents of Tachbrook Street crazy – Alan got it fixed overnight, and people there can sleep soundly again.

Whatever happens in the elections, I will always be glad that I got to know Alan. He doesn’t blow his own trumpet, so I am writing this letter now. Alan is a shining example of how to care about people and places. Long may he continue with his work!

Jill Barker, Eagle Street, Leamington