Shelter boxes are a vital response

The earthquake in Nepal created a horrific disaster. Lots of families are homeless. They need shelter, somewhere to live. Now.

Rotary shelter boxes are the answer. The Rotary Club of Kenilworth has already paid for one. It will provide a family with a temporary home for months. Each box contains a special family tent, blankets, tools, a cooking appliance, water purification kits and other life necessities. It costs £580.

The Shelter box system was founded in 2000 by the Rotary Club of Helston in Cornwall. It has sent many thousands of shelter boxes to disaster areas world wide ever since. Stocks of boxes are held in strategic points internationally for rapid delivery.

Shelter box response teams are in Nepal - they were in place within 48 hours to help organise the use of boxes. Rotary always works directly on the ground in disaster areas. If your readers would like to contribute to the cost of a shelter box, they can send their donation to The Rotary Club of Kenilworth, 6 Mayfield Drive, Kenilworth, CV8 2SW (cheques payable to the Rotary Club of Kenilworth).

David Johnson, President, Rotary Club of Kenilworth