Ruining view and public access

Two years ago I bought a top floor apartment at Bread and Meat Close. A main reason for doing so was the wonderful views it afforded across St. Mary’s lands. Consequently I was dismayed by the recommendation of Warwick District Council to extend the existing caravan site to join up with the golf course. Before people start shouting NIMBY let me make it clear that I am not anti caravans having owned a tourer myself in the past and also fully recognise the necessity of the racecourse being financially viable. I would not want it to go the way of Hereford and Folkestone.

However, I find it difficult to understand the proposed siting of the extension. The land involved is on a considerable slope (not popular with caravaners), is from my daily observations, extensively used by local people for recreation, and is used for car parking on race days.

It would appear to make far more sense to extend the caravan park immediately behind or to the left of the existing one. However, common sense doesn’t seem to come into the equation when the district council makes decisions and I begin to suspect a hidden agenda designed to restrict access to St Mary’s Lands for local people.

One can only hope that if the council persist with current plans that the landscaping of the extension will be as effective as that surrounding the current well-run Caravan Club site

Ian Dyson, Bread and Meat Close, Warwick