Questions deserve better response

I’ve had cause to write to my MP Chris White a number of times over the last couple of months to both express my feelings and gauge his thoughts on the firefighters pension dispute which has affected a number of his constituents.

To my first email I received a rather disinterested reply that was just what I deemed a ‘cut and paste ‘ reply whereby he had copied the party line on the matter and simply repeated it with no personal opinion. I was rather disappointed with this reply, so sent a second email to ask his personal opinion on the matter. In this reply I gave my opinions on several matters of the Government proposals and asked him for his opinions rather than the sterile first response from him. Again I received a reply lacking any opinion, but he did say he would pass on my thoughts to the Fire Minister and he would send me her reply to my thoughts.

A few weeks elapsed with no reply, so I sent another email to ask where the ‘promised’ feedback was. I received the automated acknowledgement, but I received no reply from Mr White.

I fully understand as an MP he will receive many letters/emails, but just not to reply is, in my opinion, very rude.

In my experience it would seem Mr White has forgotten how he has come by his lucrative job. As the leader of the House of Commons said recently: “First and foremost an MP’s role is to represent his/her constituents, this seems to have been lost.” – something Mr White could do well to observe.

Stephen Bolt, Murcott Road, Whitnash