Poor hit hardest once again

On benefit notification letters it states that the amount of benefit awarded is the amount that the claimant needs to live.

When the Government decided that these claimants must pay a portion of council tax there was no offset in benefit payments to cover this extra outgoing, the claimants therefore had less money than they need to live on. Is this not the definition of poverty?

Firstly the amount was 7.5 per cent of full council tax. Many people struggled to pay this hence the increase in food bank use.

From the Courier, February 11: ‘Warwickshire residents will have to pay about £1.60 more a month to cover the county council’s slice of council tax this year.’

It now seems that better off residents will not have to pay this extra £1.60 weekly as their council tax remains unchanged but the poorest in society (those qualifying for full council tax reduction) will face a 100 per cent increase in the amount they must pay because the council in their wisdom has reduced the maximum council tax reduction from 92.5 to 85 per cent.

God bless the Conservative party.

George Sawbridge, Keeling Road, Kenilworth