Police are doing a fantastic job

I wanted to take the time to write to express my gratitude in a public forum at the exceptional service I have recently received from Leamington’s police force, in the hope that this will be published to ensure that other people realise what a fantastic resource we benefit from, should we ever need it.

I contacted Leamington police station last week upon arriving home to find I had been burgled whilst out at work, expecting to be to be met with disinterest at such a mundane crime and to be issued with a crime reference number.

Having never been a victim of such a crime before I can only suggest that my expectations were borne of the constant negativity surrounding our police force borne from years of watching the media and others berate our police force.

My expectations could not have been more misplaced. Within forty five minutes two officers were on my doorstep to take statements, reassure me and advise on any measures I could take to secure my property whilst taking time to ensure that I was ok.

Over the next forty eight hours I had home visits from both scenes of crime and CID officers, all of whom could not have done more to reassure me and demonstrated exceptional customer service skills.

Although my burglary must be deemed a small incident in the grand scope of the work these people deal with every day, I could not have felt more of a priority and the service and reassurance they provided was absolutely exceptional.

In the cynical world we live in I think it’s important to recognise what a fantastic resource we benefit from when we most need it.

Nicola Smith, via email