Please can you stop parking in disabled bays?

I am becoming increasingly frustrated as a disabled person by the drivers who misuse the very few disabled parking bays in Leamington. This means that the disabled can’t park close to shops they need to get to because able-bodied people who could walk have instead blocked the bays

I have seen several vehicles over the last week or so parked in disabled bays and not displaying blue badges in their windscreens.

Several disabled people in Leamington have told me that they have encountered the same problem and often have to walk or push their wheelchairs for hundreds of metres and have to cross numerous roads both ways to the shops because selfish able-bodied drivers have parked in the disabled bays.

We do have parking attendants in the town who issue tickets to drivers parked in disabled bays without showing blue badges but clearly they can’t be everywhere at once

My message to drivers is to remember the Paralympics and Invictus games where the whole country got behind and supported disabled people to make the best they can of their lives and their remaining abilities. There was meant to be a legacy of greater awareness and respect for the needs of the disabled but selfish drivers clearly don’t care about the disabled as long as they can get an unfair advantage.

It is possible that the drivers of these vehicles all have valid reasons for taking up a disabled bay and if so they are welcome to explain themselves.

If this problem persists I will be setting up a Facebook page and publishing the photos I take so that employers, customers, the police and drivers’ insurers can see the way they misuse clearly marked disabled bays.

Ian Foulds, via email