New roads, not congestion charge

Because of the limited alternative routes through Warwick, many motorists have little option but to drive through the centre of the town. A congestion charge will, therefore, not reduce traffic but it will raise revenue for the council.

If, as the county council claims, its aim is to combat the town’s growing traffic problems, it must reconcile itself to the fact that if all or part of the Local Plan for building new homes is implemented, new road routes must be opened.

The principal problem seems to be caused by work and school traffic travelling to and from west Warwick. It is therefore necessary to create alternative routes. This means constructing a new road from Stratford Road across Warwick Castle Park; if necessary, compulsory purchase orders would have to be made. In addition, a road should be opened off Hampton Road next to the racecourse; this can easily be achieved by adapting the car park that runs from the entrance past Hill Close Gardens and on to Sainsbury’s.

High Street/Jury Street also need some attention. That the directional arrows mounted on short metal poles situated on the refuges are continually being knocked over indicates they constitute a traffic hazard; these signs should be replaced by others in alternative materials and which are lit at night.

I would be interested to know how much local taxpayers are paying the transport consultants who have suggested the council implement a park and ride scheme, something the council had already considered and dismissed.

Philip Wallbank, Lodge Crescent, Warwick