More neighbourly plans were needed

I spoke on behalf of residents and park users when the 2nd Sea Scout proposals went before Warwick District Council’s planningcCommittee last month.

Although I am aware of the wonderful work of the Sea Scouts and how popular the group is with local youngsters, I have concerns about the fate of the Skateboard Park and the BMX area which are also enjoyed by all ages in St. Nicholas Park. These facilities will have to be moved to accommodate the new Sea Scout HQ and it is not clear who will pick up the significant costs or how long it will take to reinstate them. I do not want these youngsters to be deprived of their healthy activities.

I am also appalled at the prospect of the boatyard with its ugly security fencing being moved from Myton Fields to the footprint of the current HQ at Pickard Street, right next to the sheltered housing. St. Nicholas is on the list of historic parks, is Grade 1 listed and in a Conservation Area. Yet this boatyard and a second building are to be sited in the attractive setting of the historic Centenary Walk, and 15 trees in the copse are to be felled!

Parking congestion at Pickard Street has always been a huge problem and as the whole point of this development is to increase membership, parking problems will also increase.

It is a great pity that the plans could not have been more neighbourly and welcomed by all but the question must be asked why are two new buildings and three boat storage areas required when the Sea Scouts have a licence to sail at Draycote?

Cllr Linda Bromley (Ind), Warwick South