Make them pay for clean up costs

I read your article in the Courier ‘Noisy travellers move on’ (September 26) and reply to it with anger, frustration, disappointment and disgust with our local authorities and police for not acting sooner to remove the travellers from Redlands who left a trail of filth and destruction and then to allow the very same people to take up residence on Ford’s Fields not hours, as your article states, but minutes later. (which coincidentally had been conveniently left open)

Within hours of them moving in there were incidents of threatening behaviour, theft of children’s cycles, dogs running wild and chasing cyclists not to mention the idiots racing round the fields in cars and motorcycles until the early hours.

My 75-year-old mother-in law and young daughter had eggs thrown at their car near the Sydenham estate when they were illegally parked at Redlands and besides them being shocked and upset it cost £15 the following morning to have it removed.

Maybe our local council should have the powers to impound their homes and cars and sell them to recover the tens of thousands of pounds it costs the ratepayers of Leamington and Warwick each time they are moved on. This idea has been discussed by Coventry councillors recently and was blasted as a “draconian” abuse of power. I just wonder how many residents agree with them.

Mick Spall, Bury Road, Leamington