M40 sign: I’ll say it again - it’s in the wrong place

I last wrote to you in 2014 about the constant need to rebuild the safety barrier on the A4177 at junction 13 of the M40.

For the fifth, sixth - or more - time the barrier on the A4177 at the top of the slip road has been destroyed and many thousands will be spent yet again to replace it.

As I said in earlier letters, the problem is quite simple!

As drivers come up the northbound slip they see the huge stop sign ahead of them. But the point where they have to stop is at least 45 feet closer to the driver than he perceives because of the way the slip road is angled - before the driver crests the rise and sees - too late - that the stop line is not in the same place as the sign.

Why can’t road engineers see this? They need to move the sign.

Philip Franklin, Willow Drive, Wellesbourne