Good reason for memorial no show

I am writing in reply to Richard Ashley’s letter in the Courier last week. You were lucky to have the Royal Naval Standard bearer there as he was in the wrong place and should have been with the other bearers in Jephson Gardens. It was announced in the Courier the previous week that the ceremony would be held in Jephson Gardens instead of the war memorial and all associations were also informed of the change.

This was not a Royal British Legion event, it was a Warwick District Council event which the RBL helped organise.

The reason it was held in Jephson Gardens this year was because the new sculpture was being unveiled at 11 o’clock on the 11th of November, the day and time that the First World War ended and was fitting to hold both events together there. People paid their respects and wreaths were laid at the cenotaph during the Sunday parade, so the cenotaph was not ignored.

Vince Watson, Chairman, Royal British Legion, Leamington Branch