Encouraged by plan’s vision

As Conservative councillors for Warwick, we are greatly encouraged by this week’s report brought to the executive committee of Warwick District Council regarding the future of St Mary’s Lands and the work of the stakeholder group.

St Mary’s Lands is very important to the people of Warwick and the duty lies with the district council as custodians to protect and support it for future generations; we are therefore very pleased that the Conservative administration is listening to the views of the various stakeholders and residents in developing a master plan for the area.

We do not want to lose the economic benefits from race days to the town, but neither do we wish to see this historic area spoilt, so it is vital that any plan achieves this balance.

The different clubs and associations which use part of St Mary’s Lands give so much to many people of Warwick and, although there has been conflict between some of them and the council in the past, we believe that we can move on and look to the future for the sake of the residents and visitors to Warwick.

Cllr Stephen Cross, Cllr Gerry Guest, Cllr Elizabeth Higgins, Cllr Glenn Williams, Conservative councillors for Warwick (North, South and West)