Daily commute is not a race

As a cyclist who commutes between Leamington and Warwick most weeks, I am well aware of the benefits of cycling over driving. It is always quicker. And healthier for the individual and better for the environment in our town centres.

However, I’m not sure you should be talking about the ‘dash to work’. Speak to cyclists and they will tell you that some drivers view them as a challenge and in a race: just last week I found myself travelling at the same time as a ‘Sprint Van Hire’ vehicle.

And it did indeed sprint between lights when I would then again come alongside. For some reason it was apparent that the driver saw this as a challenge.

So I welcome the coverage for the merits of cycling but not the language. Speeding is on the increase and residents raise this regularly as a priority for policing. Please calm the language while others work to calm the traffic.

Cllr Matt Western, Leamington Willes