Cut through route is dangerous

Your paper last week highlighted the concerns about road safety at the Fosse Way/Harbury Lane crossroads. I hope that the recent e-petition about this crossroads will precipitate as rapid a resolution as possible of this dangerous situation before someone is seriously injured or killed.

Every weekday morning a large number of cars exit the Fosse Way Harbury Lane crossroads and cut through the village of Chesterton in an attempt to reduce their journey time to the Gaydon-based car companies.

This journey involves use of a long stretch of single track road which is clearly unsuitable for anything other than local traffic. This use of the road has already caused significant damage to residents’ properties and vehicles. It is also dangerous for residents trying to walk on the road and for cyclists who quite reasonably use this road to avoid cycling on the Fosseway.

Over the last two years the village has been in regular contact with the Gaydon based car companies to try to resolve this ongoing problem. The car companies have been very supportive in their efforts to resolve this situation. However despite their efforts the village is still enduring large numbers of vehicles driving through every morning. This situation needs to be addressed by the council as a matter of urgency.

John Hutchinson, Chesterton