Chance missed to restore confidence

I was beyond disappointment when I read that the Conservative MP for Leamington and Warwick voted against the Labour motion regarding MPs doing additional paid work.

No wonder the public are disillusioned with politics. We have Ian Duncan Smith saying people can live on £53 a week, and Sir Malcolm Rifkind saying £67,000 a year is not enough. What message does this send?

The public think all elected officials are the same. That we all feather our own nests.

How can an MP represent his/her constituency and be in London, then find the time to do other work? All candidates know the salary and the expenses when they stand. If it’s not enough don’t stand. Stop short-changing constituents.

Shame on those in power who have refused to get their house in order. An opportunity to restore public confidence in our political system has been missed.

Cllr John Sullivan, Warwick Town Council, Labour, Warwick West