Chance for Brakes to set down roots

It was disappointing to see further negativity towards a potential new ground for Leamington FC in the letters pages of this newspaper.

Last week’s slant being a 0.5 acre gap between stated site size expectation and that in the revised local plan. It is of course entirely possible that a shortfall provision for parking could be due to the close proximity of a technology park that is all but deserted at evenings and weekends.

The potential site for a Leamington/Warwick park and ride being a few hundred metres away would also be a point to note for anyone looking for solutions rather than problems.

Due to our recent troubled history, anyone connected to Leamington FC will instinctively get nervous when issues with the ground arise. It is even more understandable when the first many supporters heard about the issue were headlines declaring that the New Windmill Ground may be used as a Gypsy and travellers site.

Had the news been broken ‘Exciting new potential ground for Leamington FC’, with the subtext being that the vacated ground could become a Gypsy and traveller site, the debate may well have started off on a completely different footing.

To redress the balance somewhat back toward ‘cautious positivity’, I personally think this could be an exciting, once-in-a-generation opportunity for Leamington FC to cement its future in the district and set down real, tangible roots within the local community. The current remote location will always be a limiting factor in this regard. Any move would of course need to based around the future security and prosperity of the football club. Whilst I would not arbitrarily claim to speak on behalf of anyone else but myself, from the discussions I have with other supporters on match days, it would appear I am not alone in thinking along these lines.

David Falp, Leamington