A recreational that must be kept

My name is Zhaleh Habib, one of the people who attended the Warwick District Council meeting on Wednesday October 8. I am now writing to you about something that I and many others (at the very least 1,200 who signed the recent petition) so passionately believe in. We live in one of the apartments in Bread and Meat Close overlooking the race course and we can see why the little green hill on the front of the St Mary’s Lands is the most important recreational area for the people of Warwick of all ages. These are the reasons:

l This little green hill side is used by so many of all ages because it is an open area and people feel safe there and not vulnerable.

l The surrounding schools, especially the infant schools with children accompanied by their teachers, use it for their outings.

l Many old age pensioners who live in Warwick walk slowly up the hill, sit on the benches by the trees on the top and enjoy the nature and tranquillity of the area.

l Many young professionals use this land for safe running away from roads and traffic before or after their daily work.

l Many older students and their teachers walk pass the road in the front of this green hill to and from their schools everyday and enjoy the tranquillity of the area.

l Young mothers walk on this little green hill with their prams, some of them also accompanied with their dogs, to benefit from fresh air and natural beauty of this area.

l The dog owners are always present around St Mary’s Lands.

The existence of this land and availability of it to the public is vital for the mental and physical health of the people of Warwick.

If there must be an extension to the caravan site by the Jockey Club, the best way to do this is extending the existing one to the back rather than to the right, which will take away the most important section of St Mary’s Lands so vital to the people of Warwick.

The following are reasons why extending the caravan site to the back is better for all concerned (please do come round and see this for yourself):

l The hill side is on a slope and is not suitable for a caravan site, whilst the land at the back seems to be a much more suitable area for this purpose.

l If the proposal is approved as it is, the people who will be using the caravan site will have their caravan near the road and next to the footpath where runners and dog owners are always present, hence noise pollution for them.

l The visitors to Hill Close Gardens will carry on seeing the same beautiful green hill in front of them.

l If the extension is at the back, the apparent change of the green lands for the people of Warwick and the visitors will be at its minimum. Visitors and residents will not be faced with rows of caravans.

Please help us to keep this little green hill for all the people of Warwick and their future generations.

Zhaleh Habib, Bread & Meat Close, Warwick