You have the power to launch Leamington’s first comic convention

Dan Mallier with Megatron.
Dan Mallier with Megatron.

A self-confessed ‘Transformers nerd’ is aiming to raise more than £800 by late April in order to hold Leamington’s first comic convention.

Dan Mallier is asking people to donate £3 or to help spread the word for the event, which would bring together writers, illustrators and fans together to celebrate comics and memorabilia.

The convention has been planned to take place at Leamington Live Art and Music Project (LAMP) on Octboer 18 and anyone who makes a donation can get the perks of free entry, comics or even a T-shirt.

Dan said: “I’m just a local lad and Transformers nerd with a pipedream, but by using the muscle of like-minded fans I hope to fund a Leamington legend – well its first comic con at least.

“We don’t need Tony Stark-sized funding, just oodles of small but super important donations, goodwill and the clout of word-of-mouth from enthusiasts to bring about a mighty offering.

“We’re not promising the Earth, they’ll be no large corporate sponsors. We plan to deliver a small, but perfectly formed, intimate affair at a quirky venue where you can engage with local and national comic writers, illustrators and traders.”

The £1,500 needed for the project to go ahead will pay for venue and furniture hire, a superhero photo booth, a charity donation for an appearance from the 501st Stormtrooper Legion and a goodie bag for the first 100 visitors.

If the total is not raised all donations will be returned.

All profits will go towards future comic conventions.

Rob Leonard of Comics Etc, the event’s main sponsor, said: “As a pop-up comic shop in Warwickshire we’re thrilled to back this event. Comic fans have the power to make Leamington Comic Con happen and it’s going to be epic.”

To donate click here.