Win from Warwick celebrates her 100th birthday

Winifred Smith who lives in Warwick is celebrating her 100th birthday today (October 23).

Wednesday, 23rd October 2019, 12:45 pm
Win Smith with some of her family. Photo submitted.

Winifred, who is known as Win, has lived in Warwick all her life.

She recently had a party to celebrate her birthday and will also be celebrating with her family today.

Speaking about turning 100 Win said that reaching 100 'was always in her thoughts but now that she's there, she's going to focus with support from close family of reaching at least 105 and another card from the Queen.'

Win with her cake at a celebration at Northgate Methodist Church. Photo supplied.

Win was born in 1919 and was raised on Friars Street, where she was later christened in the church opposite her home, which is St Paul's Church.

Initially with her Mother Trissie, she ran a widely known guest house popular with cycling clubs and race goers in Warwickshire.

During the war she worked in munitions factories in Coventry and Leamington and then for many years as a superviser at the telephone exchange.

When Win was older she took her mother to Hastings on a holiday and on the way back they stopped off in Eastbourne, whilst walking around the town her mother spotted a man named Stanley Smith, her mother hadn't mentioned it until the day after so they went back to the well known shop Hilton's, Eastbourne.

Win said she saw him dressing the window and went to talk to him. Not long after this in 1945 after the war had finished Win and Stan married in St Paul's church back in Warwick.

They then lived above a shop in Derbyshire which they both worked in but when taking a trip to Warwick they came across a Hilton's shop so went inside only to hear that the shop keeper wasn't happy in Warwick to they floated the idea of a shop swap and he said yes.

Win and her husband then moved to Warwick and bought their house on Stratford Road and started working at Hilton's in Warwick, where they were very well know.

They went on to have two children, a boy and a girl. Sadly Stanley died but he left a very memorable life.

Their two children Geoffrey and Jennifer each went on to marry and have their own kids.

Win is still very well known around Warwick.

She is now the oldest member of the congregation in her local church - Northgate Methodist Church - who held a lunch party on Sunday (October 20) in her honour.

A spokesperson from Northgate Methodist Church said: "On Sunday, Win's friends at Northgate Methodist Church, held a faith party lunch after the morning service where cards were presented and Win cut her cake, celebrating her faithful service to the community and church over many decades.

"We look forward to wishing Win continued good health, a lovely birthday and our congratulations when she qualifies for the list of illustrious Northgate Centenarians."

Win is still very active, living independently and her advice for a long and healthy life is fresh air and exercise plus an active social life.

Every Saturday her two grandchildren Anthea, 35, and Darcy, 32, and the great grandchildren all take her into town to have a coffee and food in Wetherspoons which she enjoys very much.