Will Young 'excited' to be performing at Warwick's Pub in the Park festival

Will Young. Photo supplied.
Will Young. Photo supplied.

Singer Will Young is 'excited' to be performing at Warwick's Pub in the Park festival this summer.

Today (Thursday) The Courier and Kenilworth Weekly News had the opportunity to interview singer Will Young ahead of his headline performance at Warwick's Pub in the Park Festival in July.

"I can't wait to perform at Pub in the Park," said Will. "I did it last year and it was so much fun. I spend the day wandering around and it was just fantastic and the festival has a really nice vibe and the whole things was just lovely.

"I will be wandering around at this year's event too. You get all these taster menus and get to meet all these amazing people who are so passionate about food. It's great."

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Having never been to the Warwick area before the 40-year-old singer is looking forward to coming somewhere new. He said: "I am really looking forward to coming to Warwick I don't know the area very well and I get to be outside so its a double bonus for me.

"It is great to go to a place that you haven't been before. The great thing about my job is that I get to go all over the UK. If I was doing a nine-to-five job in an office I wouldn't be able to get out and about as much.

"I love it and I get to meet people from all over the country and I find a lot of pockets of beauty all over the UK and I love that."

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Will is the headline act on Sunday July 7 and will be accompanied by The Christians, The Rifles and Chalk Drawings.

When asked about being the headliner Will said: "I haven't really thought much about being the headline act. I didn't know that I was going to be the headliner. When I was asked I just said 'brilliant' because I get to be back on stage with a band who put on a good show and that's all we care about.

"We will have a laugh which means the audience will also have a laugh and it's going to be really good fun."

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Will's seventh studio album called 'Lexicon' will be released on June 14 and he will be performing some of his new songs at the festival, which will be taking place in St Nicholas Park.

As well as launching a new album, Will Young will also be embarking on a 21-date UK tour, including a concert on October 4 at Birmingham Symphony Hall.

"I will be doing a couple of new songs and also some of the older ones. It is always fun being able to choose the songs because as i get older I have more of a back catalogue - I can sing Evergreen and then a new song from two months ago."

Will Young will be performing on Sunday July 7 at Warwick's Pub in the Park festival, which will takes place at St Nicholas Park.

As well as music acts there will be a line-up of top Michelin-star chefs showcasing their food and a collection of crafters and stalls.

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